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When you’ll ever have the chance to visit the Old Delhi Spice Market, do it! I’ve been in India for five weeks and that has been one of the most fascinating places during my trip. It’s like being in a movie or a different world and in a different century. As Old Delhi is so crowded and bustling, it’s best to take one of the many rikshas to go there. When we arrived, I actually did not know where to…


Got this one from a spice producer in the Netherlands. Ingredients: paprika, black cumin seeds, garlic, onion, sea salt, parsley It’s really tasty with fried rice and parmesan cheese and super easy and fast. I unfortunately could not find it in German supermarkets, but if you happen to be at one of the Albert Heijn grocery stores in the Netherlands, look out for that range. They have many more varieties besides this one!