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One day in Berlin

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Last month I spent a weekend in Berlin to visit some friends and enjoy the city. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Germany. There are so many things to do and explore and it’s a truly vibrant and inspiring city. What I mostly love doing when being there is to stroll around through some of the neighborhoods like Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and check out little unique cafés and stores. I really do not get tired of doing that and would like to share some of those discoveries with you.

Neighborhood Wedding – maybe not the most popular neighborhood yet, but it’s getting more and more popular these days. There is this café called „Göttlich“ which not only has great coffee and antipasti, but is also a more relaxing place compared to the busy ones in Prenzlauer Berg. The staff is very friendly and the people going there are not as much „hippster-crazy“ as in other parts of the city.

Neighborhood Kreuzberg – in case it is your first time in this area and you haven’t had breakfast or lunch yet, go and explore the „Marheineke Markthalle“ which is a nice and smaller market hall where you can find all different kinds of food. In addition, the vegan supermarket chain „Veganz“ has a shop on the first floor.

Chapter One is a very popular coffee place which is more focused in the newer trend of Third Wave coffee than on Italian style espresso. Really worth to have a sip while being in Kreuzberg! And it is located very close to the market hall and the Marheinekeplatz.

If you then still feel like going shopping for a little bit, take the road „Bergmannstrasse“ to check out some small shops there. There you can also find a nice shop for organic cosmetics called „Bella Donna“ which offers a wide range of organic brands such as Oliveda, Martina Gebhardt, Dr. Hauschka, Bioturm and khadi.

A day in Hamburg

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Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days in Hamburg. Although I have never been a huge fan of the city – who knows for which reason – I really loved the days I spent there. It was such a nice trip and in addition, the weather was just amazing. I found some cool spots and places and had a great time exploring the city.

Where I stayed: Schanzenviertel through airbnb. I can highly recommend to stay in this area if you are looking for a vibrant neighborhood with lots of nice cafés, bars, individual little shops and conveniently located when going for further sightseeing in Hamburg. 

Coffee places I liked: Nord Coast Coffee Roastery is located at the Speicherstadt and the barista was super helpful when I had to choose between the different coffee varieties they offer. The café less political is much smaller and a cosy little place for coffee in a more quiet area in the Schanzenviertel. Both cafés offer a great space for sitting outside to relax and enjoy the sun. If you are as lucky enough to get some!

Nord Coast Coffee

Nord Coast Coffee


less political coffee shop

Food I liked: Bok Restaurant is an Asian style restaurant which only uses fresh ingredients and without using any glutamates. They have several locations througout Hamburg, but two already at the Schanzenviertel. I went there twice while I was there because I really liked it! You can also get the food to go if you want.
The shop I liked most: Amara Ajai – a cute little shop with unique pieces. You can find everything from jewellery to fashion and home deco. I found this wonderful and unique watch from the German brand called Kerbholz which creates high quality watches made out of wood.

my newly bought watch from Kerbholz

One day in Lisbon

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Last month, I had one day in Lisboa, coming back from some wonderful relaxing days at the Portoguese ocean side. It was my second time in the city, so I wanted to take it a little more slow this time. Therefore, my priority was on finding some nice tea or coffee place and spending some quality time at a relaxing spot with a bit of sunshine. I think I did pretty well, but get a picture for yourself!

Hotel pick: Check-in Guesthouse – very cosy, comfortable and clean guesthouse, equipped with a big kitchen in case you feel like cooking. Located in the southwest of the city, close to the district Bairro Alto.

Place for tea: Tease – I discovered this cute and cosy café just by incident while I was in search of the Copenhagen Coffee Lab, as it is located across the street. The staff was super friendly and the atmosphere very calm and relaxed.  You can only get great tea, but also great cake and coffee.

Tease Café

Place for coffee: Copenhagen Coffee Lab – looking at the other side of the street, you then have  more great coffee to pick from. I did not have coffee here as I had tea at Tease, but I had a look inside. It has a very clean design with lots of whites and wooden colors.

And here are two more places for a quiet, relaxing break: two parks that I can really recommend are „Praça das Flores“ and „Praça do Principe Real“. The first one is really close to „Tease“ and the „Copenhagen Coffee Lab“. The second one is opposite of the indoor market I talk about in one of my former posts. Bigger than the first one, they both have their own wonderful atmosphere where you can grab a coffee, grab a book and relax.