NYC – shops you shouldn’t miss out on

NYC – shops you shouldn’t miss out on

A personal pick of a few spots I really loved while being in NYC.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery – very cute bakery in the East Village which is offering glutenfree, allergy-friendly, peanut-free baked goods. I tried a small chocolate muffin which was the most delicious thing I had in a very long time.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery

Tu-Lu’s Bakery – another bakery which is offering glutenfree, milkfree and also eggfree baked goods. I tried a glutenfree, milkfree, eggfree chocolate chip cookie which was very nice. In terms of atmosphere and presentation of goods I would however suggest Jennifer’s Way.

Brodo – watch out for the orange colored sign and look for a small window. Brodo is selling healthy bone broth in a cup to go. The idea is to create some slow simmering soothing healthy bone broth on the go. I had the classic bone broth which was very delicious. Especially in winter time I can imagine it to be a great soothing drink on the go. And in general I just love the idea to get something great and so healthy for your body without needing to stay in your kitchen for hours to prepare it.


Stanley’s Pharmacy – Stanley is a pharmacy with a twist to it. Once you walk inside, Stanley will ask you how you feel and will prepare you a drink according to your needs.

Stanley’s Pharmacy at the Lower East Side

Roast Kitchen & Hu Kitchen – all over the city, creating your own bowl for lunch (or dinner as well) seems to be the thing to do. It was especially great for me, as I could pick exactly those ingredients that work for me.

Whole Foods – a supermarket chain which is specialized in healthy & organic foods and organic beauty products. Furthermore, it’s a great spot for a healthy lunch where you can select from a broad range of warm and cold dishes (also to go).