Organic skin care „Pure Elements“ 

Normally my blog is mainly on tea and travels, but I have to admit that I have one further weakness which is skin care and even more so, natural and organic skin care.

I have these all-time favorites, but I also really love to try new brands, especially as so many great ones have been created in recent years.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you my latest discovery which I love so much that it already became part of my essential skin care routine.

Last weekend I went to my parents‘ house. It’s located in the middle of Germany, but also in the middle of the countryside. The next highways are half an hour drive away and the surroundings are captured by hills, mountains and lakes. It’s actually a really beautiful area. However, do not expect any vibrant cities close by. However, every time I go there, I always try to leave enough time to go to the local drug store called „Müller“. It’s a German drug store chain with stores all over Germany. The reason why I like to go to that particular drug store in the little town of Korbach is because they have a huge selection of organic cosmetic brands. Just to name a few: Ahava, Annemarie Börlind, Primavera, alva, Burt’s Bees, farfalla, lavera, i+m, Korres, Living Nature, John master’s organic, Melvita, Oliveda, etc. And last but not least and brand new in their product range is the brand called pure elements.

I was looking for a skin care that nourishes my skin, gives it enough moisture and at the same time takes care of the first fine lines which I cannot deny anymore with being in my mid-30s and jumping on airplanes so frequently.

The shopping assistant at the drug store was really knowledgable in the field of natural cosmetics and recommended me to try the pure elements series. 

Pure elements is a German cosmetic brand, which was recently founded and combines western natural cosmetics, Asian philosophy and knowledge according to Feng Shui. Imgredients as frangipani, tomato, mango butter in combination with different essential oils and mountain crystals energized by the sunlight are supposed to give harmony to the soul, body and therefore to the skin.

I was sceptical and curious at the same time. But once I tried this cosmetic line, I was hooked! I currently use three of their products: „Energie“Frangipani face toner, „Anti Age“ Hyaluron serum with lotus extract „Energie“ facial day cream with tomato extract. I have been using it for three weeks now and my skin really does look much more nourished, glowy and really more healthy. 

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