Favorite Magazine Reads

Favorite Magazine Reads

Today you find my favorite and most unique magazine picks!

FOGS – a German magazine on green lifestyle. Great to get introduced to green and innovative fashion and beauty brands as well as people’s lifestyles, thoughts and ideas.

slow – „more time for the essential things“; a German magazine focusing on our well-being and inspires us to be aware and focus on the nice things in life.

The Morning Heritage – a German magazine introducing amazing women and their amazing stories,  ideas and lifestyle. They also have an issue for the guys!

Noveaux – a magazine for vegan fashion & green lifestyle. This is also a German magazine which introduces us to the innovative world of green fashion and lifestyle.

These magazines are all in German language only. Therefore, I’m planning to do another post on my favorite English magazines. As I’m still looking for some great reads, I’m happy to receive recommendations from you.