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Another day in Hamburg – Karolinenviertel

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Another day in Hamburg! Since my last trip to Hamburg only 4 weeks ago, one main thing has changed – the weather! It’s much colder now, but this gave me some more time  to explore the great insides of some cafés, shops and restaurants. 

Karolinenviertel district –

Cafe and Bistro „Zwanzig“ where Swiss foodies meet great coffee. A small cosy Café on just 20 qm2 filled with great cakes, snacks and wonderful coffee.

Cafe Zwanzig

Green fashion at „glore“ – great green fashion in the store and online

Some more great fashion (not green this time though) you can find at the store and under the brand name „goldmarie„. The pieces are created  which by a local Hamburg designer Marie Richers. Besides their own line, the store also offers some other fashion brands (e.g. Drykorn). The designs are very clean, chic and mainly kept in white, grey, beige and black colors. You can also shop her pieces at the online shop.

After all the shopping, you might be really hungry! In that case I can really recommend the Vietnamese restaurant „Xeôm“ for either lunch or dinner. The food is really great and the spot is packed with young people and a quick and very friendly staff. I can’t wait to come back again!

Organic skin care „Pure Elements“ 

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Normally my blog is mainly on tea and travels, but I have to admit that I have one further weakness which is skin care and even more so, natural and organic skin care.

I have these all-time favorites, but I also really love to try new brands, especially as so many great ones have been created in recent years.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you my latest discovery which I love so much that it already became part of my essential skin care routine.

Last weekend I went to my parents‘ house. It’s located in the middle of Germany, but also in the middle of the countryside. The next highways are half an hour drive away and the surroundings are captured by hills, mountains and lakes. It’s actually a really beautiful area. However, do not expect any vibrant cities close by. However, every time I go there, I always try to leave enough time to go to the local drug store called „Müller“. It’s a German drug store chain with stores all over Germany. The reason why I like to go to that particular drug store in the little town of Korbach is because they have a huge selection of organic cosmetic brands. Just to name a few: Ahava, Annemarie Börlind, Primavera, alva, Burt’s Bees, farfalla, lavera, i+m, Korres, Living Nature, John master’s organic, Melvita, Oliveda, etc. And last but not least and brand new in their product range is the brand called pure elements.

I was looking for a skin care that nourishes my skin, gives it enough moisture and at the same time takes care of the first fine lines which I cannot deny anymore with being in my mid-30s and jumping on airplanes so frequently.

The shopping assistant at the drug store was really knowledgable in the field of natural cosmetics and recommended me to try the pure elements series. 

Pure elements is a German cosmetic brand, which was recently founded and combines western natural cosmetics, Asian philosophy and knowledge according to Feng Shui. Imgredients as frangipani, tomato, mango butter in combination with different essential oils and mountain crystals energized by the sunlight are supposed to give harmony to the soul, body and therefore to the skin.

I was sceptical and curious at the same time. But once I tried this cosmetic line, I was hooked! I currently use three of their products: „Energie“Frangipani face toner, „Anti Age“ Hyaluron serum with lotus extract „Energie“ facial day cream with tomato extract. I have been using it for three weeks now and my skin really does look much more nourished, glowy and really more healthy. 

China travels – August 2016

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I just came back from two weeks of business travel in China. This time, our schedule was super tide and I still felt the jetlag from my previous trip to Chicago for a little while.

So after hitting the Qingdao Beer Festival (the little brother of the German Oktoberfest!) right after my arrival, I was ready to appreciate the few quiet moments and quiet places which we discovered along our trip through China.

Tiny breakfast place in Qingdao

Bayannoer Hotel in Inner Mongolia

After a few days in Qingdao, we traveled through Shandong province before going to the Gansu province and to Inner Mongolia.

And visiting the fields and the countryside is always a very great way for me personally to get an authentic and true feeling of a country or an area I’m visiting.

Favorite Magazine Reads

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Today you find my favorite and most unique magazine picks!

FOGS – a German magazine on green lifestyle. Great to get introduced to green and innovative fashion and beauty brands as well as people’s lifestyles, thoughts and ideas.

slow – „more time for the essential things“; a German magazine focusing on our well-being and inspires us to be aware and focus on the nice things in life.

The Morning Heritage – a German magazine introducing amazing women and their amazing stories,  ideas and lifestyle. They also have an issue for the guys!

Noveaux – a magazine for vegan fashion & green lifestyle. This is also a German magazine which introduces us to the innovative world of green fashion and lifestyle.

These magazines are all in German language only. Therefore, I’m planning to do another post on my favorite English magazines. As I’m still looking for some great reads, I’m happy to receive recommendations from you.

Indoor Market Concept – Lisbon

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When I was in Lisbon, I discovered this indoor market opposite of the Praça do Principe Real. It is located on a big sales floor with various smaller Portuguese brands presenting and selling their products. Really similar to a big department store with different selling brands. It is a great and inspiring shopping experience and a concept I really like. It is especially great for smaller brands which do not have the financing power for their own shop, especially at such an exposed location.
I found a super nice cotton plait for my bed from a Northern Portuguese brand called „by Stro„. 

Plait by Stor

I love, love, love it and was actually looking for such a plait forever. The quality, color and pattern is just lovely.

Tea shops NYC

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One week in New York City and for me the opportunity to check out some of the tea shops in this great city. It is really difficult to say which tea shop I liked the most, als they all had their special styles. Therefore, I just would like to give you a short overview of the tea shops I visited and my personal view on them.

Ippodo Tea – Kyoto-based tea company. Located in an area a little off the main streets and sights. You have to look carefully for the signs. The atmosphere was really quiet and calm and the whole shop is kept in wooden colored tones. I bought a sencha tea and a sincha tea from the new cut 2016 and will give you my review on those in another post. Overall, I really liked the shop, but don’t expect a big selection of teas. I believe, however, that the ones offered are precisely good selected ones. They also ship international through their website.


Tea Drunk – located in a nice area in the East Village in a road with a few other individual small stores. This shop offers a nice atmosphere to sit down and have some tea. The ir bar in the center of the shop is great to sit down and watch the tea ceremony. They only offer Chinese teas. Therefore, I only bought a sample of one of their teas. Furthermore, I thought their prices to be quite expensive compared to others. However, I did not test the quality of their teas yet. Positive that the owner of the shop is regularly going to China to select the best teas for her shop.


Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company – such a cute little shop which offers different teas, spices and herbs. What I really liked was the fact that they offer tea to go (just as a coffee Shop) and you can choose between a broad selection of different teas. I bought a Genmaicha tea to go and really liked that.


McNulty’s Tea & Coffee of the oldest tea and coffee shops in New York City. Once you enter the shop, you immediately get the feeling how it was like in the old days. The staff is really friendly and the atmosphere great. I bought a Sencha tea combined with Matcha which I will review in one of my next posts.

The Bellocq Atelier
– one of the cutest tea shops I have ever seen, I have to say. The interior is chosen so very well that you feel home and welcomed immediately. The shop itself is located in the less touristy area in Brooklyn/Greenpoint which is nevertheless really worth a visit. It’s located in a cool industrial area where you would not necessarily expect a tea shop. However, after ringing the door bell, you’ll be surprised. The teas are on the pricier side, but seem to be carefully selected.

For further NYC tea shop reviews and recommendations, also have a look at the helpful and informative blog post „Where to by tea in New York City“ from the Serious Eats Team.

Tea Tasting No. 1

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Tea type: Taiping Hou Kui Green tea. I bought this tea at the Nong Cha Tea shop in Brussels which is specialized on Chinese teas.

wet leaves after first infusion

As the name Taiping Hou Kui already suggests, this tea is from the Taiping province in China.First impressions: this tea has a slightly roasty note to it, but very light in flavor. I recommend not more than three infusions with increasingly water temperature.

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