A day in the life

A day in the life

Today we have had a wonderful sunny day in Münster. For weeks, I had planned to do a small hiking tour but I never really felt in the mood and with the right energy to do so. I’m really not such an active person anyhow… some yoga movements in the morning is pretty much all I do. But my goal was to finally go on some walking tour and explore the surroundings. I already live in Münster for over six years now, but I always felt too busy with work, cooking my meals in the evening and my needed „me-time“ after a longer day at work that I never felt enough energy to go on any hiking trips.

Movement for the gut

I know that regular body movement is really good for your digestive system and I really do notice positive differences during e.g. holidays where I just move much more than during office weeks (plus reduced stress-levels). Nevertheless, I often just cannot motivated myself to go out and move. Often, I just want to sit on my couch, relax in my apartment, be on my own and enjoy some tea and a good book or just google all sorts of funny topics on the internet. I guess, this is also some important type of relaxing activity for me. Although I know that moving your body is in any case healthy, I just did not want to put even more pressure on myself to make this any type of must-do. But today it was a „relaxing choice“ I did!

We made a seven kilometer walk (which might sound ridiculously short for some of you!) to the river „Werse“ which is quite close to our home. And I’m glad I did. I guess I will always like to relax on my couch, but enjoying some sunny weather, the calm river and nature all around along with great company is indeed wonderful once in a while.

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