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Another day in Hamburg – Karolinenviertel

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Another day in Hamburg! Since my last trip to Hamburg only 4 weeks ago, one main thing has changed – the weather! It’s much colder now, but this gave me some more time  to explore the great insides of some cafés, shops and restaurants. 

Karolinenviertel district –

Cafe and Bistro „Zwanzig“ where Swiss foodies meet great coffee. A small cosy Café on just 20 qm2 filled with great cakes, snacks and wonderful coffee.

Cafe Zwanzig

Green fashion at „glore“ – great green fashion in the store and online

Some more great fashion (not green this time though) you can find at the store and under the brand name „goldmarie„. The pieces are created  which by a local Hamburg designer Marie Richers. Besides their own line, the store also offers some other fashion brands (e.g. Drykorn). The designs are very clean, chic and mainly kept in white, grey, beige and black colors. You can also shop her pieces at the online shop.

After all the shopping, you might be really hungry! In that case I can really recommend the Vietnamese restaurant „Xeôm“ for either lunch or dinner. The food is really great and the spot is packed with young people and a quick and very friendly staff. I can’t wait to come back again!

Tea Tasting No. 9

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Tea type: green tea

Tea name: Kukicha

Origin: Japan

Harvest: 2016

Bought: through Tomotcha monthly tea subscription 

Impression: this tea has a very smooth taste which I can best describe as freshly baked cookies coming out of the oven. This is really the association I had when I had my first sip. The tea is stronger in flavor than a sencha tea and does contain a slightly stronger astringency. I can recommend up to three steepings, although the first two are the best ones. Water should be around 60-70 C, not higher.