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Tea Tasting No. 3

Tea type: green tea
Tea name: Sencha with Matcha (premium grade)
Origin: Japan
Bought at: McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Co. in New York City, USA.

First impression: the first infusion is very light in flavor without any astringency to it, but with this typical matcha tea note. I can recommend at least three infusions without any astringency coming through which was pleasantly surprising to me, as I honestly did not expect such good value for the money I paid for the tea. For sure I can highly recommend this tea if you want something stronger than your regular sencha tea.

Tea Tasting No. 2

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Tea name: Nobujuki Sencha Tea from the harvest of June 2016. Origin: Japan Bought atThe Bellocq Atelier in Brooklyn/NYC.

first infusion

First impression: the tea has a very nice grassy smell with a hint of a roasty note. The first infusion (60 C, 30 seconds) is very light in flavor with a sweet note. Second infusion  (60 C) is a little stronger and more grassy in taste. I would recommend a maximum of 3 infusions. This is a nice mid-to-higher level sencha tea.

NYC – shops you shouldn’t miss out on

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A personal pick of a few spots I really loved while being in NYC.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery – very cute bakery in the East Village which is offering glutenfree, allergy-friendly, peanut-free baked goods. I tried a small chocolate muffin which was the most delicious thing I had in a very long time.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery

Tu-Lu’s Bakery – another bakery which is offering glutenfree, milkfree and also eggfree baked goods. I tried a glutenfree, milkfree, eggfree chocolate chip cookie which was very nice. In terms of atmosphere and presentation of goods I would however suggest Jennifer’s Way.

Brodo – watch out for the orange colored sign and look for a small window. Brodo is selling healthy bone broth in a cup to go. The idea is to create some slow simmering soothing healthy bone broth on the go. I had the classic bone broth which was very delicious. Especially in winter time I can imagine it to be a great soothing drink on the go. And in general I just love the idea to get something great and so healthy for your body without needing to stay in your kitchen for hours to prepare it.


Stanley’s Pharmacy – Stanley is a pharmacy with a twist to it. Once you walk inside, Stanley will ask you how you feel and will prepare you a drink according to your needs.

Stanley’s Pharmacy at the Lower East Side

Roast Kitchen & Hu Kitchen – all over the city, creating your own bowl for lunch (or dinner as well) seems to be the thing to do. It was especially great for me, as I could pick exactly those ingredients that work for me.

Whole Foods – a supermarket chain which is specialized in healthy & organic foods and organic beauty products. Furthermore, it’s a great spot for a healthy lunch where you can select from a broad range of warm and cold dishes (also to go).

Tea shops NYC

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One week in New York City and for me the opportunity to check out some of the tea shops in this great city. It is really difficult to say which tea shop I liked the most, als they all had their special styles. Therefore, I just would like to give you a short overview of the tea shops I visited and my personal view on them.

Ippodo Tea – Kyoto-based tea company. Located in an area a little off the main streets and sights. You have to look carefully for the signs. The atmosphere was really quiet and calm and the whole shop is kept in wooden colored tones. I bought a sencha tea and a sincha tea from the new cut 2016 and will give you my review on those in another post. Overall, I really liked the shop, but don’t expect a big selection of teas. I believe, however, that the ones offered are precisely good selected ones. They also ship international through their website.


Tea Drunk – located in a nice area in the East Village in a road with a few other individual small stores. This shop offers a nice atmosphere to sit down and have some tea. The ir bar in the center of the shop is great to sit down and watch the tea ceremony. They only offer Chinese teas. Therefore, I only bought a sample of one of their teas. Furthermore, I thought their prices to be quite expensive compared to others. However, I did not test the quality of their teas yet. Positive that the owner of the shop is regularly going to China to select the best teas for her shop.


Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company – such a cute little shop which offers different teas, spices and herbs. What I really liked was the fact that they offer tea to go (just as a coffee Shop) and you can choose between a broad selection of different teas. I bought a Genmaicha tea to go and really liked that.


McNulty’s Tea & Coffee of the oldest tea and coffee shops in New York City. Once you enter the shop, you immediately get the feeling how it was like in the old days. The staff is really friendly and the atmosphere great. I bought a Sencha tea combined with Matcha which I will review in one of my next posts.

The Bellocq Atelier
– one of the cutest tea shops I have ever seen, I have to say. The interior is chosen so very well that you feel home and welcomed immediately. The shop itself is located in the less touristy area in Brooklyn/Greenpoint which is nevertheless really worth a visit. It’s located in a cool industrial area where you would not necessarily expect a tea shop. However, after ringing the door bell, you’ll be surprised. The teas are on the pricier side, but seem to be carefully selected.

For further NYC tea shop reviews and recommendations, also have a look at the helpful and informative blog post „Where to by tea in New York City“ from the Serious Eats Team.