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China Travels – April 2016

Favorite picks and places:

Qingdao (or: Tsingtao) – this time we went to this wonderful tea house with a great interior and great tea. We stayed for three hours and it was such a calming atmosphare that I will definitely go back there next time. There is really something about these Chinese tea houses, I experienced. The minute you walk in, you feel so absorbed by that calming and relaxing atmosphare that it is almost meditative. I will link the tea house below once I have found their website.

Qufu city (Shandong province) – is the hometown of Confucius. I really like the atmosphere in the city center with its mix of still existing historic temples and palaces and the vibe of a modern vibrant city at the same time.

Kunming city (Yunnan province) – we did not stay directly in the city this time, but stayed at the Hilton Yuxi Fuxian Lake which is directly located at the Fuxian Lake which is the third deepest fresh water lake in China. The hotel even has a small beach and you almost feel like being at the sea. And I really can recommend the Chinese restaurant- outstanding and delicious food!