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Pukka Tea

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I discovered this new tea brand last summer at the organic supermarket chain „Basic“ and found it again at the Biofach in February.
At first, it was mainly the packaging design that made me buy it. Different from most other tea bag brands, this one looks pretty stylish on your kitchen shelf. You can choose the tea bag in your favorite colors for your morning, afternoon and evening tea and for any other tea time addictions!

Caribbean Spice from Jonnie Boer

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Got this one from a spice producer in the Netherlands.
Ingredients: paprika, black cumin seeds, garlic, onion, sea salt, parsley

It’s really tasty with fried rice and parmesan cheese and super easy and fast.
I unfortunately could not find it in German supermarkets, but if you happen to be at one of the Albert Heijn grocery stores in the Netherlands, look out for that range. They have many more varieties besides this one!


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Ich hatte eigentlich nach einem klassischen Sencha Ausschau gehalten und entschied mich dann doch für den Kauf von diesem etwas exklusiveren Tamaryokucha-Tee aus der Präfektur Saga, Süd-Japan. Tamaryokucha ist eine japanische Spezialität, die vor der Ernte noch intensiv beschattet wird. Auch bekannt unter dem Namen “Guricha”, hat einen sehr milden Geschmack, der an Gras und Spinat erinnert.